Maintaining and protecting plastic components

Unpainted plastic components should not be neglected when maintaining the car, otherwise they will prematurely fade and may even become brittle. And in the modern car there are plenty of them: Inside are the door panels and seat linings, the dashboard and the middle console. Outside bumpers, trim strips and engine covers all require regular attention during cleaning and maintenance.

An economical and rich in content all rounder like the new SONAX Plastic care Interior & Exterior makes the cleaning and maintenance of unpainted plastic components very simple. The solvent free product is especially gentle on surfaces and cleans and cares for all plastic components in the interior, producing an impressive care effect with intensive freshening up of colours. Exterior plastic is also lastingly rejuvenated and protected – with a rich shine and intensive freshening up of colours. Fine scratches and dull spots are also covered over.

 Tip: The product can also be used in the engine compartment for maintaining and protecting the plastic and rubber components. It is helpful to apply the Plastic care with a lint free microfibre cloth, which can be found in the SONAX range of accessories. This will ensure perfect care results.


For maintaining plastics a solvent free product like the new SONAX Plastic care Interior & Exterior is recommended.


A dirty engine quickly raises doubts about its mechanical condition. And that is why cleaning and care of the engine bay is always the first step in vehicle care work.

Wheel Rims

Road grime and brake dust stuck fast on the racy alloy rims - that hurts every car owner.


The car’s paintwork is constantly exposed to adverse weather effects and mechanical stress.


Upholstery and interior textiles get a lot of wear through dust, road dirt and everyday soiling.


With special plastic care products, a perceptible rejuvenation of colours can be attained.


Dirty windscreens don't just look messy - they also present a significant safety risk.


Before setting out on a holiday trip with the camper, not only is it important to check on the tyre pressure ...


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