New shine for "piano lacquer" – scratch removal made easy

"Piano lacquer" panels in vehicle interiors are modern and look stylish. They consist either of high gloss lacquered parts or through-dyed plastic parts, which can be adversely affected with time and through everyday wear. When scratches tarnish the image, a good polish is recommended.

For best results you can remove the scratches with the " SONAX Scratch remover for plastics". The special polish should be used with a small polishing sponge, which you can cut down to a handy size with e.g. a carpet knife, so that you can comfortably get at all corners and gaps of the parts to be polished. Apply a little Scratch remover onto the sponge and carefully and gradually polish the surface until the scratches are completely removed. Keep wiping away the residues carefully with the " SONAX Microfibre cloth ultra fine". This soft and highly absorbent cloth avoids new micro-scratches, which may be produced on the highly sensitive surfaces through the wiping off.

It is strongly recommended to tape over the gaps around the surrounding parts, so that no polish residues settle there. For this you should use an adhesive tape which leaves no residues on the material – painting tape is ideal.

SONAX Scratch remover for plastics

Scratches on the car‘s „piano lacquer“ can be removed very easily with a special Scratch remover for plastics. 


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