Clear Vision plus Fragrance with SONAX AntiFreeze & Clear View Ice Fresh

Windscreen cleaners can smell good as well as working effectively. The new  SONAX AntiFreeze & Clear View Ice Fresh winter windscreen cleaner, for example, works really well and is especially conceived for the colder seasons. And they begin in October and end around Easter. Practical too: The product is endowed with maximum cleaning power and is so economical that during this transitional time, and for temperatures slightly below zero degrees, it can be diluted with water without problems. The ideal dosing for every temperature is clearly shown on the mixing table found on the rear side label. And should the minus temperatures really „plummet“, it even gives freeze protection for minus 20 degrees when used undiluted. But the formula with the fresher fragrance also provides something extra: „Ice Fresh“ in the windscreen wiper tank in autumn and winter ensures clear vision in minimal time. This contributes to greater road safety – always bear in mind: Poor vision is one of the most frequent causes of accidents.


The innovation is based on the tried and trusted SONAX AntiFreeze & Clear View with the highest cleaning power and maximum material compatibility. As a specialist for the colder seasons the product contains highly effective cold weather active cleaning surfactants, which dissolve and remove the typical dirt contamination such as de-icing salt, soot and other road grime. This means that the cleaner in the windscreen washer unit requires a minimum number of wiper cycles to deliver clear vision. In doing so, the consumption of cleaning fluid is naturally reduced, as is the cost per cleaning.


Important: The formula does not attack paintwork or the modern headlight lenses made from plastic. Inferior cleaners can cause stress cracks. It is also suitable for fan nozzles. In addition, the 3 litre stand up pouch offers another unbeatable advantage: It hardly takes up any space in the recycling bin – about 70% less than a conventional 3 litre canister. And that’s good news for the environment. Have a safe journey! 


SONAX Antifreeze & clear view to -20°C Ice Fresh Application


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