25.01.2016 SONAX XTREME Protect + shine best product in GTÜ test

In tests conducted by the German technical monitoring society GTÜ, six modern polymer based paintwork sealants were put through their paces. SONAX XTREME Protect & shine attained the highest marks and was declared winner of the GTÜ Test.

Polymer sealants represent a modern alternative to the traditional car wax. They provide shine, fresher colours and achieve a highly resistant protective coating with phenomenal long lasting effect. They protect the paintwork against salt, dirt and climatic influences. This maintains the shine and protective effect for a much longer time. 

The GTÜ (Society for Technical Monitoring) has tested six polymer based paintwork sealants. Test winner with the rating „highly recommended“ was the SONAX XTREME Protect + Shine Hybrid NPT. The polymer sealants picked up most of their points on working effects pertaining to freshening up the colours, the uniformity, with the shine and, above all, the conservation effect. Result: SONAX XTREME Protect + Shine achieved the best colour rejuvenation and the best shine. Furthermore, even after ten vehicle washes the product from the SONAX R&D achieved very good to good conservation results. Other test candidates protected the paintwork for a maximum of five washes, and subsequently showed significant weaknesses, so that practically only a minimal sealing effect was ascertainable. 

The SONAX Formula for Success

The GTÜ Test winner comprises a formulation, developed in the SONAX R&D laboratory, which has a dirt and dust repellent effect lasting for months. Even after many vehicle washes, the impressive lotus effect testifies to the outstanding paintwork protection – SONAX XTREME Protect + Shine conserves the paintwork for an incredible six months. This is ensured by the further developement of the conservation formula designated „Hybrid Net Protection Technology“. „Hybrid“ is described by SONAX as the interaction of special organic and inorganic components. In SONAX XTREME Protect + Shine these combine into a robust, stable, and weather resistant network which enhances the paintwork and forms an especially robust protective coating for the paintwork. The product was developed for the care of new and thoroughly cleaned paintwork surfaces, purely for conservation and maintenance – the formulation contains no abrasives.

Application is Simplicity itself

SONAX XTREME Protect + Shine is very easily applied: The protective sealant in its handy aerosol can is applied with the enclosed Application sponge, conveniently and efficiently. A microfibre cloth is included in the set for streak free polishing. The high quality material aids come from the SONAX brand accessories programme and ensure an optimum application. 

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