26.09.2012 Test victory for SONAX XTREME Wheel cleaner full effect

In its current issue, the magazine „Auto Bild Sportscars“ tested seven wheel rim cleaners. The SONAX XTREME Wheel cleaner full effect emerged as winner from the comparison.

The highly effective and acid free SONAX cleaner was the only product in the test field to receive the rating of “very good”. The seven products were tested for their cleaning effect, user friendliness, material tolerance, as well as environmental and health criteria. The SONAX XTREME Wheel cleaner won through with the best cleaning effect. The highest performing wheel cleaner in the test field also showed its strength in the material tolerance test criteria. For paintwork compatibility, in the tests for stress cracks on plastics – on hub caps, for example – and on corrosion tests with the wheel bolts, the SONAX XTREME Wheel cleaner full effect clearly emerged as the overall winner.

Apart from the test winner, which was awarded the rating „very good“, two other products received the rating “good”. None of the other wheel cleaners could attain better than “satisfactory”, this was due, principally to their mediocre cleaning effects. The award winning formula of the acid free wheel cleaner dissolves even the most stubborn dirt, such as burned-in brake dust, oil and rubber residues.


Highly effective acid-free special cleaner for all steel and light-alloy rims. Easily and gently removes even stubborn dirt such as baked on brake dust, oil and rubber residue and other street dirt from all steel and light-alloy wheel rims.
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02304000 750 ml
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