Differences between concentrated and ready mixed windscreen cleaners

Olaf G from Essen asks: Nowadays, car windscreen cleaners are not only offered as concentrates, but also as ready to use mixtures. What would you recommend“?

Richard Hanauer from the SONAX Research & Development team replies: As a matter of fact, both concentrates and ready mixed products can be recommended, if they are of good quality. There is, however, one distinct advantage: The ready to use mixture makes filling in much easier, as the optimum mix ratio comes „ex works“. In addition, products like the SONAX Windscreen wash „Green Lemon“ are mixed with softened and purified water. With that the cleaner achieves the maximum working effectiveness and it will prevent the formation of hard water deposits in the nozzles or on the windscreen.

And during these weeks optimum insect dissolving power is important, to prevent smearing on the windscreen when operating the wipers.
The ready to use SONAX Windscreen wash Green Lemon fulfills these requirements precisely. As a quality product it is, additionally, suitable for fan nozzles and – like all SONAX windscreen cleaners – compatible with plastics. In addition, it does not attack paintwork surfaces or rubber components.

And the pleasant „Green Lemon“ fragrance provides a refreshing atmosphere inside the car, which will stimulate the senses whenever the windscreen washer unit is operated. And this really sets the SONAX cleaner apart from the many cheap & cheerful products in this category, whose pungent and caustic odours often remain long in the memory.

Caution is also advisable for other reasons: Inferior quality products can induce stress cracking on the vulnerable headlight lenses – damages may occur which lead to high costs. Furthermore, the cleaning effect often leaves a lot to be desired, so that a lot is consumed for a single cleaning, which quickly wipes out any initial saving.


Trendy cleaning concentrate for the windscreen washer system in summer, with a fresh and unique Green Lemon fragrance experience. Ensures clear vision in seconds, without streaks or smears. Dangerous dazzling and smeary films of oil, soot, silicone, insect residues and other dirt contamination are quickly and reliably removed from the windscreen. Compatible with paintwork, rubber and plastics. Does not induce tension cracking or blind spots on sensitive anti-glare headlights. Also ideal for use on high quality XENON headlights and plastic headlight lenses in clear glass optic.Suitable for fan nozzles. Maximum safety due to minimal wiper strokes – especially in critical situations, such as rain, darkness or oncoming light.Also tested on especially sensitive refinish paints. Now available in eco-friendly and easily disposable stand-up pouch.
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Olaf G from Essen asks: Nowadays, car windscreen cleaners are not only offered as concentrates, but also as ready to use mixtures. What would you recommend“? more
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