Winter helpers for frozen solid doors

When you have a winter windscreen cleaner in the tank and a windscreen de-icer ready to hand, then you actually have the winter under control.

Almost: For we continually receive queries asking how to prevent the doors from freezing shut.

Our expert tip for this: The problem of frozen solid doors occurs when moisture collects in the rubber seals in door rebates, around the side windows and in the entry area. This may occur through washing the car or by rain. Bitter cold in the night hours freezes the water residues and then the doors can hardly be opened. As a rule, the car should be dried off thoroughly after washing – also in the entry areas.

To avoid frost induced frustration it pays to regularly protect rubber door seals, which are best treated with a SONAX Rubber care crayon. This handy winter helper is easy to apply, has a water repellent effect and, due to winter proof deer tallow, it keeps the door seals supple, with long term effect.

For car owners without remote control – and also for the household: Think about the SONAX Lock de-icer! It thaws out frozen locks in seconds and lastingly protects against renewed freezing. And the lock is simultaneously lubricated and maintained.

Practical: The SONAX Lock de-icer‘s plastic dosing tip prevents damage to the lock and paintwork scratches.


Antifreeze and cleaning concentrate for windscreen washer units. Prevents ice formation in the washer unit tank, hoses and nozzles. The formula contains innovative nano-particles. The consequence is a significant increase in the cleaning speed. It is non hazardous to paintwork, chrome, rubber and plastics. Ideal for high quality XENON headlamps and light diffusing plastic headlamps in clear-glass optic. Ideal for vehicles with fan spray nozzles, as the product remains sprayable even at low temperatures.
Article Number Contents
02325050 5 l
De-ices frozen locks in seconds, and lastingly protects them against renewed freezing. Lubricates and maintains the lock.
Article Number Contents
03310000 50 ml
SONAX Window De-icer unfreezes frozen windows in a matter of seconds. Protects against re-icing and ensures a clear view all round. No ice scraper – no scratched windows. With glycerine to keep rubber supple.
Article Number Contents
03314410 750 ml
Prevents the rubber seals on doors, convertible roofs, windows and boot lids from sticking during winter. Maintains the rubber, keeps it supple and protects against brittleness.
Article Number Contents
04990000 18 g
Exterior, Paintwork and Chrome

SONAX Insect star against „paint devourers“

The vexatious summer topic of insects will probably never cease: Insect dirt looks nasty and it damages the car’s paintwork. The organic “paint devourers” can induce serious damage, particularly when exposed to solar radiation. And the longer it sticks to the paintwork, the deeper the residues eat into the paintwork surface.
The anti-glare headlight lenses have to withstand a lot: climatic influences, UV radiation, acid rain, de-icing salt and road dirt, with time they will ensure that the plastic is matt and yellowed.
A high performance winter windscreen cleaner guarantees clear vision in seconds. That is good for safer driving, but it also has a positive effect on cost calculation.
Olaf G from Essen asks: Nowadays, car windscreen cleaners are not only offered as concentrates, but also as ready to use mixtures. What would you recommend“?
XTREME Series / Tyres, Rims, Rubber

Wellness for the precious metal

Although the dirt is not as noticeable on dark lacquered rims, nevertheless they ought to be regularly cleaned, just like the rims in classic design, before those beautiful wheels are attacked by aggressive dirt contamination.
A question on the subject of windscreen cleaners we are frequently being asked now is: “Can you actually mix a summer cleaner with a winter one?” Our Expert will has the right tip ready for you:
XTREME Series / Tyres, Rims, Rubber

„Spring cleaning“ for winter wheels

When it’s time to change over to summer tyres, you should take the opportunity to thoroughly clean off the winter dirt contamination and to care for the tyres and wheels. Be sure to use an acid free wheel cleaner.
XTREME Series / Exterior, Paintwork and Chrome

Perfection in every detail

When it comes to perfect paintwork care results, a detailer is an absolute must for the crowning achievement. SONAX expert Richard Hanauer explains what’s so special about it. „As the name suggests, it’s all about the details.
Interior, Glass / Accessories and Aids

New shine for "piano lacquer" – scratch removal made easy

For best results you can remove the piano lacquer scratches with the „SONAX Scratch remover for plastics“.