Ideal for car care and a good idea for the household.

„A short while ago, a colleague informed me that she uses her husband’s car care products in the home. Can that be true, and if so what can I use?“ asks Franziska from Halberstadt.
 Although developed principally for in and around the car, many car care products have indeed proved tobe useful in the household. And why not? Just as in the car, there are also glass, metal, and leather surfaces in the home which need cleaning and protecting.
 For example, no household should be without a multifunctional oil such as SONAX SX90. It can be used everywhere where balcony or window hinges squeak or nuts and bolts are rusted solid. It can also be used to dissolve tar stains or price tags.
 The SONAX Chrome and alu paste also has a particularly wide application area in the kitchen, and it can also be deployed whereever there is copper, brass, chrome or aluminium requiring maintenance. And the paste can even be used to tackle burned on dirt on ceramic hobs.
 The best way to tackle the problem of white garden furniture which gets darker in the course of time, is with a polish, like SONAX XTREME Polish & wax. The highly effective polishing agents break down during the polishing process into nano sized particles, not only do they remove the dirt, they also freshen up the colours. The high quality wax contained protects protects the garden furniture against renewed soiling. In the future you will only have to wash the furniture -  and it will look like new. In principle, all polishes and waxes are also suitable for shining surfaces in the household. The SONAX Dirt eraser is recommended to deal with especially stubborn dirt, such as bird droppings or scuff marks on parquet and tiles.
 If you need to remove rust stains from tiles, concrete or even from kitchen work surfaces, you can do the work with an acid free product like the SONAX XTREME Wheel cleaner full effect. Simply spray on and rinse off with water. And even if it may seem a bit unusual: it also works for rust stains on clothing.


Product with medium abrasive effect against fine scratches and haze. Together with the new Hybrid NetProtection Technology, the optimal balance of extremely fine polishing granules gives greyed paintwork new brilliance, colour depth and protection. The Hybrid NetProtection Technology combines special inorganic and organic components to a durable, weatherproof layer. The surface captivates by gentle smoothness, a brilliant high gloss and an outstanding lotus effect.
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02072000 500 ml
Highly effective acid-free special cleaner for all steel and light-alloy rims. Easily and gently removes even stubborn dirt such as baked on brake dust, oil and rubber residue and other street dirt from all steel and light-alloy wheel rims.
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02304000 750 ml
Care agent containing polish for aluminium and trim metals such as copper, brass and chrome. Removes rust and blind spots quickly and thoroughly, dissolves dirt and corrosion, restores the original shine and leaves a protective film.
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03080000 75 ml
The all-rounder for workshop and garage: loosens rusted or seized parts (e.g., nuts, screws and switches), and protects against recorrosion. Makes locks, lock cylinders, rolls, springs and metal rails run smoothly. Cures squeaking and creaking noises. Protects, lubricates and preserves sensitive parts of power tools and engines. Also suitable for the cleaning and care of precision equipment and machines. Can be used as contact spray for ignition systems, dispels moisture, keeps electronic contacts clean, and prevents leakage currents. Removes tar, adhesive residue and price labels.
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04744410 400 ml
During the development of the innovative and up to 90% biodegradable SONAX SX90 BIO multi-oil, great care was taken to produce an especially environmentally friendly formulation. The product with an innovative active foam formula is made from raw materials which are more than 90% renewable and is the ideal product for all applications in the natural environment, such as water resources management, agriculture and forestry management, as well as in the private household and garden. The foam adheres to the treated surfaces for an extremely long time. This greatly enhances the product performance, and it fulfills all the requirements of a multifunctional oil. Thanks to Easy Spray, the foam can even be applied in difficult to access areas.
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04752000 300 ml
Fine-pored special sponge for removing stubborn dirt deposits from plastic components in car interiors (e.g. scuff marks, shoe polish etc.). Eradicates wax and polish deposits from unpainted exterior plastic components (bumpers, styling strips etc.) and rubber.
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04160000 2 piece/s
“Some windscreen cleaners for the winter claim frost protection of minus 60 °C. Are these products better and is it a problem when summer and winter products are mixed?” Dirk M. from Nuremberg asks. Answer: In our regions, temperatures very rarely fall below minus 20 °C. Hence, frost protection for such extreme...
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Do something good for the paintwork now – The XTREME-Series with „Hybrid Net Protection Technology“

“Which polish is most suitable for the condition of my car’s paintwork, after the winter?”
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Time for the Upholstery

„I would now like to clean up and take care of the upholstery, especially the seats – which is the best way to proceed?” asks Jürgen M. from Berlin. Richard Hanauer: First of all, thoroughly vacuum clean seats and floor. For basic cleaning of the seat covers we recommend
“Some winter windscreen cleaning products are being advertised as giving freeze protection at minus 60°C, are these products to be recommended?” enquires Michael M. from Cologne.
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Clean the paintwork just like professionals

Hansüli E. from Zurich asks: “Recently I saw in a professional car valeting company, that some sort of plasticine was being used for cleaning the paintwork. Could you tell me what was the product used?
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Taking action against paint eaters

Now that everything in nature springs up again, insects wake up as well – much to the car driver’s regret. These bugs stubbornly stick on windows and paint. “What do you recommend for removing insects from the paint – especially when they are already firmly imbedded in the surface?” asks Klaus K. from Zurich.
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Brilliant! - Limitless shine

At this time of the year, every car that had to put up with road salt, wet conditions and street dirt during winter can do with a thorough paintwork polish after car wash. Like many others, Olaf G. from Dortmund has the following question: “Which polish is the best for my car’s paint condition in spring?”
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What’s the truth about the mythical „Carnauba wax“

Again and again we read that polishing with carnauba wax works real car care miracles. That’s why Christian D. wants to know: Is it true that perfect paintwork care can be achieved with pure carnauba wax.
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Off with the grime!

In this season a thorough washing of the car is called for. A frequently asked question from car fans is: Which is best, a manual washing or a trip through the automatic car wash?