Summer and winter windscreen cleaners – do not mix

A question on the subject of windscreen cleaners we are frequently being asked now is: “Can you actually mix a summer cleaner with a winter one?” Our Expert will has the right tip ready for you:

“When changing from summer to winter mode, the windscreen washer reservoir should first be sprayed as empty as possible. The reason for this is, the water contained in the windscreen wiper system reduces the freeze protection of the winter product, and the higher the remaining quantity of summer product, the greater the reduction.

Our Recommendation is: The new SONAX Antifreeze & clear view BLUE ENERGY with its energetic fragrance makes a pleasant change from the usual winter windscreen cleaner lemon scent. The modern product with its handy round bottle can be poured from all positions. As a ready to use mixture, in an optimum dosage with softened water, it provides clear vision even faster. The windscreen wipers will then require a minimal number of strokes, and that reduces consumption of cleaning fluid. Caution is advised with cheap products: Not only do they often function badly, they can also cause stress cracking in plastic headlight lenses. The consumption of cleaner is also above average high, which will very quickly cancel out the supposed saving.

Another tip: we regard the freeze protection data, claimed by several products as “to -60°C, as misleading: first, because in our latitudes temperatures of -20°C are rather seldom. And second,

in order to attain such unnecessary freeze protection, the product has to be used undiluted. The low water content leads to a poor cleaning result, particularly with the typical salt film. That is why the product’s cleaning performance is more important than the highest possible freeze protection. This is mixed by the manufacturer with water into a specific and optimum mixture and, it is ready to use in the area of application in which the salt film impairs visibility most – with temperatures around freezing point to a maximum of -20°C.”

In many maintenance guides for alloy wheels a sealant is recommended for maintaining the value and to simplify the cleaning. The care tip from expert Richard Hanauer is the SONAX XTREME Wheel rim coating: "The easy to use spray from the SONAX XTREME series, in the latest generation based on a further developed hybrid formula, which offers distinct advantages over conventional processes.
XTREME Series / Exterior, Paintwork and Chrome

Perfection in every detail

When it comes to perfect paintwork care results, a detailer is an absolute must for the crowning achievement. SONAX expert Richard Hanauer explains what’s so special about it. „As the name suggests, it’s all about the details.
Exterior, Paintwork and Chrome

SONAX Insect star against „paint devourers“

The vexatious summer topic of insects will probably never cease: Insect dirt looks nasty and it damages the car’s paintwork. The organic “paint devourers” can induce serious damage, particularly when exposed to solar radiation. And the longer it sticks to the paintwork, the deeper the residues eat into the paintwork surface.
XTREME Series / Tyres, Rims, Rubber

Acid-free rim cleaning - thoroughly and material-friendly

Acid containing wheel cleaners can induce corrosion on wheel bolts and metal parts like the brake calipers.
A high performance winter windscreen cleaner guarantees clear vision in seconds. That is good for safer driving, but it also has a positive effect on cost calculation.
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Elegance for leather

Leather upholstery requires regular care to keep the leather supple and avoid premature aging. And particularly in the summer months, sunlight and warmth place a strain on the high quality interior furnishings, when it is not thoroughly maintained and protected.
XTREME Series / Interior, Glass

A clearer view in spring and summer

While making longer car journeys in the summer months, many motorists get annoyed at smeared windscreens caused by insect residues. The Problem: Very often an additive is already in use, many cleaners, however, lack the special insect dissolving power.
XTREME Series / Exterior, Paintwork and Chrome

Hybrid technology provides six months of paint protection

Many car owners want to preserve the paintwork after a thorough polish, and rightly so. A lot has changed in this field – in fact, the future of car care has already begun.
These last weeks, there, no doubt, have been several car drivers thinking about the following question that Hubert M. from Berlin sent in: “The windscreen of my car is quite new, but already has some scratches, which are annoying particularly with oncoming lights. Are the scratches a result of ice scraping?”
“Some windscreen cleaners for the winter claim frost protection of minus 60 °C. Are these products better and is it a problem when summer and winter products are mixed?” Dirk M. from Nuremberg asks. Answer: In our regions, temperatures very rarely fall below minus 20 °C. Hence, frost protection for such extreme...