What’s the truth about the mythical „Carnauba wax“

Again and again we read that polishing with carnauba wax works real car care miracles. That’s why Christian D. wants to know: Is it true that perfect paintwork care can be achieved with pure carnauba wax. The short answer is no. Pure carnauba wax would not be of much use for car care. This is because the product obtained from the Brazilian carnauba palm is much too hard in its natural state to be immediately applicable for car care. Therefore, it has to be processed and blended with other components to become a practically applicable care product. Then, however, carnauba wax is really remarkable: It optimally protects the paintwork against all harmful external impacts and gives it an incomparable deep shine.

When the care product has a wax content of 100 percent carnauba wax, then you have the highest quality possible – like the new SONAX Premium Class carnauba care. Other active ingredients, such as nurturing oils supply the paintwork with substances, which are indispensable for long lasting protection.

In combination with proper paintwork preparation, the SONAX Premium Class Carnauba care provides the paintwork with an optimum long term protection and a perfect appearance. After a thorough cleaning the car is dried. After that, I would recommend a deep down cleaning with the SONAX Premium Class Paint cleaner. With that the paintwork is cleaned gently and intensively, it is also degreased and made especially receptive for application of the wax. The next step is the polishing with carnauba wax. Here the wax is applied evenly and very thinly. Afterwards, the protective wax coating is ready to be polished to a high gloss with the microfibre cloth – which is contained in the set. This really facilitates the work procedure. The effect of such a manual care effort is incomparable. Whoever tries it once, will never be satisfied with anything else.


High quality protection for new and nearly new paintwork. Protects against weathering and other environmental hazards, reduces insect adhesion. Visible results with the droplet run off effect. The highly concentrated Carnauba wax maintains the paintwork and provides a radiant shine. The formula is really easy to polish out and leaves no greasy smears.
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“Some windscreen cleaners for the winter claim frost protection of minus 60 °C. Are these products better and is it a problem when summer and winter products are mixed?” Dirk M. from Nuremberg asks. Answer: In our regions, temperatures very rarely fall below minus 20 °C. Hence, frost protection for such extreme...
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Time for the Upholstery

„I would now like to clean up and take care of the upholstery, especially the seats – which is the best way to proceed?” asks Jürgen M. from Berlin. Richard Hanauer: First of all, thoroughly vacuum clean seats and floor. For basic cleaning of the seat covers we recommend
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Clean the paintwork just like professionals

Hansüli E. from Zurich asks: “Recently I saw in a professional car valeting company, that some sort of plasticine was being used for cleaning the paintwork. Could you tell me what was the product used?
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Taking action against paint eaters

Now that everything in nature springs up again, insects wake up as well – much to the car driver’s regret. These bugs stubbornly stick on windows and paint. “What do you recommend for removing insects from the paint – especially when they are already firmly imbedded in the surface?” asks Klaus K. from Zurich.
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Brilliant! - Limitless shine

At this time of the year, every car that had to put up with road salt, wet conditions and street dirt during winter can do with a thorough paintwork polish after car wash. Like many others, Olaf G. from Dortmund has the following question: “Which polish is the best for my car’s paint condition in spring?”
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Ideal for car care and a good idea for the household.

A short while ago, a colleague informed me that she uses her husband’s car care products in the home. Can that be true, and if so what can I use?“ asks Franziska from Halberstadt.
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Off with the grime!

In this season a thorough washing of the car is called for. A frequently asked question from car fans is: Which is best, a manual washing or a trip through the automatic car wash?