Which product helps with dull plastics?

For this we recommend using SONAX Plastic restorer black or XTREME Plastic restorer gel exterior Nano Pro The products restore the colour of unpainted plastic parts and seal the surface against aggressive environmental influences. This works with already weathered and faded bumpers and, of course, also with parts as good as new. The pre-treatment is of particular importance: thoroughly clean the surface before applying the product. To achieve even and streak-free results slightly moisten the surfaces to be treated with a sponge or cloth. Afterwards, apply Plastic restorer and wipe with a damp sponge.


Lastingly freshens up the colour and maintains bleached out and weathered plastic components on the car exterior. Easy and clean application with the sponge adapter.
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04091000 100 ml
Super soft sponge applicator for all waxes, lotions and sealants. Ideal for application on leather, plastics, rubber and paintwork. Liess comfortably in the hand, is flexible and gets into even the tightest cracks and hollows. Machine washable and is, therefore, suitable for multiple use.
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04176410 6 piece/s


Basically, a polish only treats the car’s clear coat. This is approx. 30 µm thick. A very intensive manual application – e.g. with SONAX Xtreme Polish & Wax 3 – can “sand down” a maximum of 0.3 µm of the clear coat.
Pure hard wax is most suitable for the care of new and thoroughly cleaned paint surfaces. Pure hard wax protects paint lastingly against atmospheric and other influences, and produces deep shine.
Recommendation: SONAX recommends Xtreme Wheel cleaner full effect. It is a powerful, acid-free special cleaner for all steel and light-alloy rims and wheel caps.
We recommend SONAX XTREME Upholstery & Alcantara cleaner in the 400-ml aerosol can for treating stains in textile, velour and Alcantara covers. The powerful foam penetrates the fibres deeply, resolves dirt, and, at the same time, eliminates smell by binding smelly substances.
The SONAX Dirt eraser helps with polish residues on plastics: slightly moisten it and simply rub off residues. Tip: treat rubber and plastic parts with SONAX Xtreme plastic restorer gel Nano Pro before polishing the paintwork.
SONAX recommendation: clean convertible tops with SONAX Soft top cleaner. The highly active special cleaner rapidly and thoroughly removes even stubborn dirt from convertible tops.
For the cleaning and care of leather parts (incl. leather steering wheels) we recommend using Xtreme Leather care foam Nano Pro. It is a high-quality foam care for the gentle cleaning and care of leather parts in the car interior, motor cycle clothing and other smooth leathers.
All SONAX windscreen washer fluids can be mixed. But: washer fluids for the winter do not optimally work in the summer and vice versa. The products are adjusted to the respective temperature ranges.
Also in the car’s interior plastic surfaces – e.g. in the cockpit – should be protected against fading. For this we recommend SONAX Xtreme Cockpit cleaner matt finish Simply spray on product and wipe surfaces.