SONAX Abrasive paste

Smoothens out scratches and rough spots on standard paints. Prepares the undercoat for respray work. Sands off the damaged paint layers and removes paint overspray. Eradicates corroded spots in the paintwork caused by bird droppings, insects and tree sap. Silicone-free.

Article Number: 03201000
Contents: 75 ml

Additional product information:

Article Number: 04222000
Contents: 15 piece/s


  • Silicone free abrasive paste with a high abrasive content, for sanding off weathered and scratched paint layers
  • Removes etching caused by bird droppings, insects and tree sap
  • For all paint types and colours
  • Also removes dust inclusions, spray paint mist, and sanding marks. Ideal for the restoration of weathered and scratched paint
  • High abrasion with medium shine effect. Removes sanding marks of P1000 sand paper


Fluffy, soft high quality polishing cloth. The ideal accessory for radiant polishing results. Gentle on paintwork; leaves no scratches. The structure of the cloth guarantees that paintwork care products are fully utilised. Resistant against solvents.
Article Number Contents
04222000 15 piece/s

Care Tips

The car’s paintwork is constantly exposed to adverse weather effects and mechanical stress.