Problem-solver for any automobile, hobby, home, work and workshop use. Best use it, to clear away corroded and rusted-on parts whilst avoiding further corrosion. It efficiently removes creaking and squeaking noises, protecting, lubricating and preserving delicate parts. Also recommended for cleaning and maintenance of weapons, fine mechanical tools and machines. Suitable as contact cleaner for ignition systems. Removes moist, keeps electronic contacts clean and prevents leak currents. Dissolves and removes tar, glue residues and price labels.

Article Number: 04745050
Contents: 5 l

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Anyone who wants to sell cleanliness has to present cleanliness accordingly! The appearance of your car wash plays a major role in the customer’s quality experience.
The Classic – now with new spray head With double spray system
For an easy change between extensive and pinpoint product application Practical spray head
No looking for or changing of spray nozzles. Overhead sprayable
Can be sprayed from any position due to a special valve SX90 Plus SX90 Car Repair Shop SX90 Plus Metal Workshop SX90 Plus Farmer SX90 Plus Plumber SX90 Plus Carpenter SX90 Plus Vehicle pool Manager SX90 Plus Production SX90 Knowledge SX90 Knowledge-Four Ball Tester SX90 Knowledge - Reichert Test SX90 Knowledge - Corrosion Protection SX90 Knowledge - Water Displacement SX90 Knowledge-Plastic compatibility SX90 Knowledge - Resinification SX90 Knowledge-Penetration Effect