SONAX Windscreen Wash Concentrate Ocean-fresh

Summer window cleaner for windscreen washer systems. Removes insects, oil, grime, silicone and dangerous glare and grease films. Paint, rubber and plastic compatible for maximum surface compatibility. Suitable for fan nozzles Bottle contents makes 12 litres of cleaning liquid with ocean-fresh scent.

Article Number: 03884000
Contents: 3 l

Additional product information:


  • Window cleaner concentrate with ocean-fresh scent for use in summer in windscreen washer systems
  • Creates a clear view in seconds without streaks and stripes
  • Reliably removes insect residue, road dirt as well as dangerous glare films caused by oil and silicone contamination
  • Compatible with paint, rubber and plastic, suitable for fan nozzles
  • Makes 12 litres of window cleaner


  • Dilute SONAX Window Cleaner concentrate in ratio 1:3 with water.
  • Please refer to mixing table for dosage.
  • First fill windscreen washer system with water, then add SONAX Window Cleaner concentrate.


For the windscreen washer unit during the summer. Removes insects, oil, grime, silicone, and dangerous dazzling and greasy films. Compatible with paint, rubber and plastics – for maximum surface compatibility. Suitable for fan jet nozzles. The bottle contents will yield 12 litres of cleaning solution with fresh Green Lemon scent.
Article Number Contents
03864000 3 l
Summer windscreen cleaner for the windscreen washer system. Removes insects, oil, soot, silicone and dangerous dazzle and smear films. Compatible with paintwork, rubber and plastics for maximum surface compatibility. Suitable for fan nozzles. Bottle contents gives 12 litres of cleaning fluid with a refreshing tropical fruity fragrance.
Article Number Contents
03874000 3 l
Article Number Contents
03924000 3 l