SONAX Windscreen Wash ready-to-use Ocean-fresh

Modern window cleaner with fresh and unique ocean-fresh fragrance for use in windscreen washer systems in summer. Creates clear view in seconds without stripes and streaks. Dangerous glare and grime film due to oil, soot, silicone and other road dirt as well as insect residue can be removed from the window quickly and reliably. Paint, rubber and plastic compatible. Does not create stress cracks and blind spots on the plastic headlights. Also perfectly suited for high-quality Xenon spotlights and plastic diffusers. Suitable for fan nozzles Supplied in environmentally friendly stand-up pouches that are especially easily to dispose of.

Article Number: 03884410
Contents: 3 l

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  • Ready-to-use cleaner for windscreen and headlight washer systems. Creates clear view in seconds without stripes and streaks.
  • Compatible with paint, rubber and plastic.
  • Fan nozzle compatible
  • Maximum safety thanks to minimal number of wiping strokes - especially in critical situations such as rain, darkness and oncoming lights
  • Supplied in environmentally friendly stand-up pouches that are particularly easy to dispose of.


Trendy cleaning concentrate for the windscreen washer system in summer, with a fresh and unique Green Lemon fragrance experience. Ensures clear vision in seconds, without streaks or smears. Dangerous dazzling and smeary films of oil, soot, silicone, insect residues and other dirt contamination are quickly and reliably removed from the windscreen. Compatible with paintwork, rubber and plastics. Does not induce tension cracking or blind spots on sensitive anti-glare headlights. Also ideal for use on high quality XENON headlights and plastic headlight lenses in clear glass optic.Suitable for fan nozzles. Maximum safety due to minimal wiper strokes – especially in critical situations, such as rain, darkness or oncoming light.Also tested on especially sensitive refinish paints. Now available in eco-friendly and easily disposable stand-up pouch.
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03864410 3 l
Trendy cleaner with a fresh and unique Tropical Sun fragrance experience for the windscreen washer systen in summer. Provides clear vision in seconds without streaks or smears. Quickly and reliably removes from the windscreen dangerous dazzle and smear films caused by oil, soot, silicone and other road grime, including insects
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03874410 3 l
Article Number Contents
03894410 3 l