SONAX PremiumClass Carnauba care

High quality protection for new and nearly new paintwork. Protects against weathering and other environmental hazards, reduces insect adhesion. Visible results with the droplet run off effect. The highly concentrated Carnauba wax maintains the paintwork and provides a radiant shine. The formula is really easy to polish out and leaves no greasy smears.

Article Number: 02112000
Contents: 200 ml

Additional product information:


Special sponge with reinforced white grip side and extra finely pored yellow sponge side. Extremely versatile for the exterior application of polishes...
Article Number Contents
04173000 1 piece/s


Exterior, Paintwork and Chrome / Accessories and Aids / PremiumClass

What’s the truth about the mythical „Carnauba wax“

Again and again we read that polishing with carnauba wax works real car care miracles. That’s why Christian D. wants to know: Is it true that perfect paintwork care can be achieved with pure carnauba wax.


In this video Bernd Volkens, editor of AutoBild shows how hardened dirt like resin and bird droppings can be easily removed with SONAX car care produc...