SONAX Carburettor + Throttle Valve Cleaner

High performance solvent for heavily soiled and coked motor parts such as carburettor's housing, throttle valves, injectors etc. Ensures the function of all moving parts on and in carburettors. Especially relevant for short-haul vehicles which rarely get up to operating temperature.

Article Number: 04883000
Contents: 400 ml

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Cleans oil and greasy dirt from machine and assembly parts, engines and tools. Ideal for use in parts washing equipment. Contains solvents.
Article Number Contents
05425000 5 l
High performance solvent based cleaner for maintenance and repair work and for cleaning parts on installations, machinery and tools, Dissolves oil and grease contamination, adhesives, paint and protective coatings. Evaporates quickly and without any residues and takes effect immediately upon spraying. Contains no silicone, acetone, aromatic compounds or halogenated hydrocarbons.
Article Number Contents
04843000 400 ml
Quickly and reliably cleans all oil and grease from engines, machine and assembly parts and tools. The product has an outstanding infiltration ability, enabling it to reach even the most inaccessible places. Phosphate-free, solvent-free.
Article Number Contents
05432000 500 ml