SONAX Tyre care

Cleans, maintains and protects car tyres in one operation. Simply spray onto the tyres – that‘s all! Cleans even heavily soiled car tyres and restores the deep shine and rich colour to weather-worn tyres. Keeps the rubber supple and protects against brittleness.

Article Number: 04353000
Contents: 400 ml

Additional product information:


  • Cleans, maintains and protects.
  • Restores colours and provides deep shine. Weathered tyres retrieve their original colour and deep black sheen.
  • Keeps rubber supple and protects it against becoming brittle.
  • The powerful active foam dissolves the dirt and makes it run off as the foam breaks down.
  • The can’s content is sufficient for treating 24 tyres.

Care Tips

Road grime and brake dust stuck fast on the racy alloy rims - that hurts every car owner.