SONAX XTREME Glass clear

Extremely powerful cleaner for all interior and exterior glass surfaces. Leaves an invisible nano coating on the treated surfaces, which ensures a quicker runoff of dirt and water. Simplifies cleaning.

Article Number: 02382410
Contents: 500 ml

Additional product information:


  • Powerful glass cleaner for interior and exterior use.

  • Exterior use: Removal of oil and soot film and insect residue. Interior use: Removal of greasy films, finger-marks and nicotine residue

  • Produces an invisible nanolayer on treated surfaces improving the wetting characteristics, e.g. in the rain

  • Grime and dust quickly and evenly run off with the water

  • Also suitable for household use, cleaning windows and mirrors


This ultra fine microfibre cloth leaves no streaks, smears or fluff. For use on smooth surfaces: Use damp for cleaning, dry for wiping or polishing of...
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04165000 1 piece/s


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