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17 Apr 2015 11:01

SONAX Trends and innovations at the Techno Classica

At the Techno Classica in Essen, from the 15th – 19th April, SONAX will be placing its current product range for the care of vintage vehicles in the spotlight. And there will also be plenty for fans of modern vehicles: SONAX presents all of this years innovations.

Fans of vintage and „youngtimer“ vehicles should use the opportunity to visit the SONAX exhibition stand in Hall 2.0 and get advice from our experts, face to face. Products from the SONAX Premium Class range are ideally suitable to meet the requirements of vintage vehicle care. Over the entire programme, there are numerous tried and tested products suitable for the maintenance and value retention of classical cars: This includes, for example, the acid free SONAX XTREME Wheel cleaner Plus conceived to be gentle on materials.

Washes and polishes in one operation

An interesting innovation to occupy all car fans is the SONAX Wash & polish. Besides containing the typical components of a car shampoo, the innovative formula also contains super fine high performance polishing agents, especially gentle on paintwork, which provide an especially thorough, deep down cleaning. It will also remove minor scratches – and the rejuvenation of colours will gladden the eye of every vintage car buff as well.

„Black is Beautiful“ with SONAX Color wax black

For all owners of vehicles with black standard and metallic paintwork, SONAX has, as of 2015, a really special treat: the first wax based paintwork sealant with Colour Effect, SONAX Colour wax black. The formula is also recommended for „patina fans“, as they contain no polishing agents, but rather a protective coating which rejuvenates colours. High quality Carnauba wax and black colour pigments, which also cover over finer scratches, intensively freshens up the colours and gives a rich black surface effect. The protective coating is long lasting, especially important for vintage cars which are only moved on certain occasions.


Highly effective acid-free special cleaner for all steel and light-alloy rims. Easily and gently removes even stubborn dirt such as baked on brake dust, oil and rubber residue and other street dirt from all steel and light-alloy wheel rims.
Article Number Contents
02304000 750 ml
Article Number Contents
02183000 1 l
Paintwork protection containing colour pigments and wax, but without polishing agents. Protects and preserves all new and nearly new black solid and metallic paints. Minor scratches and paintwork defects are covered over by black colour pigments and protected against corrosion. SONAX Colour wax black gives the paintwork a rich black depth of colour, provides a brilliant high gloss, intensively freshens up the colours and ensures weather resistant long lasting protection. Comes with a Colour pen for scratches and stone chips.
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02982000 500 ml


„Only the best for my car“, that is the SONAX Premium Class paintwork care series. This exclusive edition fulfills the highest requirements of car lovers and enthusiasts. The best in care and conservation performance, maximum productiveness and its especially high quality accessories distinguishes the SONAX upper class of paintwork care products.
Care Tips / 1 Jul 2015

Wellness for the precious metal

Although the dirt is not as noticeable on dark lacquered rims, nevertheless they ought to be regularly cleaned, just like the rims in classic design, before those beautiful wheels are attacked by aggressive dirt contamination. more
Olaf G from Essen asks: Nowadays, car windscreen cleaners are not only offered as concentrates, but also as ready to use mixtures. What would you recommend“? more
The German technical monitoring body, GTÜ in cooperation with the Auto Bild magazine has tested nine current summer windscreen cleaners. The clear test winner, with the rating „highly recommended“, was the SONAX XTREME Windscreen wash, in a practical three litre container, which proved to be by far the best cleaning performance in the test field. more
Company / 26 May 2015

Jubilee - SONAX celebrates 65 years

1950 SONAX begins as one of the pioneers in the development and manufacture of car care productsWhen Manfred Hoffmann senior and his father took on the entrepreneurial venture of manufacturing a polish for cars, success was not exactly predestined. A wealth of ideas, an instinct for the emerging market and outstanding products have all substantially contributed to success: Today the SONAX GmbH has about 350 employees in Germany and generated sales in excess of 90 million Euro in 2014. more
or the tenth time in succession SONAX has won the readers poll of German motoring magazine „auto motor und sport“. More than 55 percent of readers have had positive experiences with the products of the German company, which this year celebrates its 65th birthday. No other car care brand enjoys such high esteem among motorists.For the tenth time running SONAX is clear favourite for an absolute majority of German „auto motor und sport“ readers when it comes to care and value retention of the car. 55.3 percent of the 112,471 readers who participated voted for SONAX as best brand in the category „care products“. SONAX won the readers poll with a lead of about 24 percent over the second placed brand. The results can be read in the 7/2015 issue from the 19th of March. more
Good news for all owners of foil covered vehicles: The SONAX XTREME Foil care & sealant is now available now. It protects matt and glossy foils against climatic influences such as rain, road salt and UV radiation. Another benefit: It reduces the adhesion of dirt, which perceptibly simplifies the cleaning of even problematic dirt contamination such as insect residues, tree sap or bird droppings. more
Awards / 13 Mar 2015

SONAX is „Top Brand of 2015“

More than 9,400 readers took part in the reader’s poll carried out by the motoring magazine „Auto Zeitung“ to choose the „Top Brands of 2015“ more
When it’s time to change over to summer tyres, you should take the opportunity to thoroughly clean off the winter dirt contamination and to care for the tyres and wheels. Be sure to use an acid free wheel cleaner. more
Motorsport / 4 Feb 2015


After an intensely busy off-season, Infiniti Red Bull’s Racing’s 2015 Formula One car, the RB11, has hit the track and begun testing at the Circuito de Jerez in Spain ahead of the new season.Featuring a striking new test livery, the RB11 features a host of improvements in all areas as the team seeks to improve on its 2014 campaign, when it took the RB10 from a difficult start to second place in the Constructors’ Championship. The most notable shape change to this year’s car is the lower nose box and front of the chassis, which were amended in line with the latest regulations, but beyond that many of the RB11’s updates are under its all–new black and white skin.THE RB11 DESIGNChief Technical Officer Adrian Newey said: “The design of the RB11 has been very much about understanding what we learned from last season, which was a big regulation change as far as the power unit is concerned and the packaging that goes with that and setting about optimising the car from those lessons.”Chief Engineering Officer Rob Marshall added: “There are some changes that affect the shape of the front of the car but beyond that most of the changes are under the skin. We’ve identified the areas where we can make improvements and we’ve worked hard on these. There won’t be a lot that’s visible to the naked eye but a lot of hard work has gone into the bits that are hidden.”A large part of that work has involved improvements to Renault Sport’s Energy F1 power unit, updates that have been made in closer collaboration with the team.“The relationship with Renault is a lot closer now,” says Team Principal Christian Horner of the team’s technical ties with the French manufacturer. “Red Bull is the only partner for Renault now, through ourselves and Toro Rosso, and that focus from Renault together with a close involvement with our design team is yielding good results and a far closer integration between the power unit and the chassis side. Working in unison with Renault we can really make some big steps forward this year.”Newey adds that the process of reducing the deficit the team suffered last year will take time. “We have been working very hard with our partners Renault to help them develop the engine,” he says. “What we have to remember is that the internal combustion engine and its very complicated associated items, the ERS and turbocharger, are long lead time items. Those are things where if one team takes an advantage then it takes time to overthrow that or get back on a par with or hopefully ahead.”THE RB11 BUILDChristian Horner commented: “We’ve been pushing to the limit as usual. We had a very tight timescale for the car to be prepared in time for the first test, but that’s normal in this team. If you’re not on the limit you’re not trying hard enough.”THE DRIVERSThe team’s 2015 challenge will be spearheaded by a new look Red Bull driver line-up, introduced last week at the team’s #OnBoard event, with Daniil Kvyat joining Daniel Ricciardo at the wheel of the RB11. “It’s an exciting and dynamic line-up,” says Christian. “We know the quality of Daniel following his performances last year and in Daniil we have an outstanding talent. The speed, commitment and determination he demonstrated were all the qualities we’re looking for.“We’ve already seen what Daniel is capable of and we firmly believe that Dany has all the same attributes,” he adds. “They’re young, hungry, they’re incredibly quick and I think they are going to push each other very hard throughout the year.”For drivers Ricciardo and Kvyat the brief two-month wait for a return to the cockpit is over and a first taste of the RB11’s potential awaits.“I’m looking forward to driving the RB11 and I’m hanging out to get behind the wheel again. I hope it’s going to be a beast. We’ll soon find out,” says Daniel.“There was plenty of pressure on me last year to prove myself in a top team and I think everyone knows now what I’m capable of so I’m excited – excited to build on what we achieved in 2014 and ready to give Mercedes a good fight.”“It’s going to be very exciting to drive an Infiniti Red Bull Racing car for the first time for me,” adds Daniil. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for me and I’m really looking forward to finally getting into the car. It’s going to be cool.“Though many people in the team know me quite well, there is still the challenge of entering a new team for myself. However, I haven’t really set any targets for 2015. I just want to keep doing the best job possible with hard work and the right attitude and that’s the best thing I can do.”On joining forces with Daniel for 2015, Kvyat added: “Me and Daniel have known each other for quite a long time, about five or six years from when I entered the Red Bull Junior Team. We have a good relationship and I hope to have a strong relationship based on healthy competition, which will push the team forward.”THE TECHNICAL TEAMThe change in driver line-up behind the wheel has to a lesser degree also been mirrored in the team’s technical department. While Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey is still very much involved with the team, he divides his time between the team and Red Bull’s new Advanced Technologies division, a new technical group has been put in place to take the team forward.“In anticipation of [Adrian’s dual role] we created a senior technology team, led by Rob Marshall, which is assuming some of the day-to-day responsibilities that Adrian previously held,” explains Horner.“However, Adrian still performs a very active role within that team and contributes on a daily and weekly basis.”The Chief Technical Officer was still deeply involved in the conception of the RB11. “Although I’ve been slightly less hands on than previously, I was still very much involved in the layout of the car, the package, and really trying to eke every bit of performance out of it we can do, but very much working with the engineering team” says Newey.That engineering team is headed by Rob Marshall, who previously held the post of Chief Designer. He now steps up to become Chief Engineering Officer. The group also features Head of Aerodynamics Dan Fallows, Chief Engineer, Car Engineering Paul Monaghan and Chief Engineer, Performance Engineering Pierre Waché.Head of Aerodynamics Dan Fallows says: “Adrian has changed his role slightly and we’re now at the stage where we can be more self-sufficient. However, Adrian is still heavily involved. The reason the transition has been so good is that we’re all used to working the way Adrian works and we follow his philosophy. Therefore, when he does have an input into our discussions it feels very natural.”Newey adds “I’m stepping back a bit, getting involved in other things, so that Formula One isn’t my sole focus. I will still be going to races and I will certainly be at the first race and at the pre-season tests, overseeing, guiding and mentoring and still trying to come up with some ideas of my own as well.”The RB11 is the first product of this new process, with Newey heavily involved in the project, which has ultimately been delivered under the stewardship of the new technical group.Christian concludes: “Our target is simple: to close down the gap to Mercedes yet further,” says Horner.“We were the only team other than Mercedes to win a grand prix in 2014 and we won three with Daniel Ricciardo. Our target is to close the gap down and put Mercedes under as much pressure as we possibly can. We know what we’re aiming at, we know what we need to achieve and I believe that with the RB11, with the drivers we have and with the new structures put in place we should be able to do that.” more
It seems confusing to many motorists, when a winter windscreen cleaner claims to provide freeze protection at minus 60 degrees. In our latitudes it is a rare occurrence to see the thermometer standing at -20 degrees Celsius. Such freeze protection figures are therefore, misleading. Incidentally, these cleaners would be so viscous, even at -40 degrees Celsius, that they could hardly be conveyed through the windscreen washer system. more