Fairs Events / 16/10/2015 SONAX @ SEMA 2015

Meet a star: Renny Doyle – trendsetter and master level detailer – and his team will be at SONAX’ booth to present you top highlights. Look over the shoulder of one of the most renowned professional users in North America and receive expert tips and learn many tricks.

Talk to customizer John D`Agostino and have a look at “Elvis III” – the breath-taking interpretation of a 1959 Caddy Coupé de Vile, at our booth. Elvis III was completely built in Milan by Celebrity Kustoms Italy. The design team consisted of Dox Dossena, Francesco Attolico and John D´Agostino.

The Stars for professionals: SONAX PROFILINE

Our concepts, innovative professional products and a product range for paintwork finish and professional car valeting have convinced many professionals in recent years.
New in the high-performance SONAX ProfiLine range: the paint restoration products will also be available in practical 250-ml bottles. The innovative bottles have particularly practical caps and are easy to handle. The best about it: the smart labeling concept embraces self-explanatory pictograms and brief, easily comprehensible instructions in several languages. The product name indicates the area of application, abrasive effectiveness and the degree of gloss.

Polish and seal headlights – instead of replacing them

The SONAX Headlight Restoration Kit will make its debut at this year's SEMA Show. The innovative product was specially developed for treating high-quality plastic headlamp diffusers. The easy-to-use product set comprises of a special polish, a sealant especially designed for the material and a comprehensive set of application accessories. Thanks to the SONAX Headlight Restoration Kit, a costly replacement of headlights is often not necessary. The product restores yellowed and matt surfaces, polishes fine scratches and seals the sensitive protective paint’s surface. The result: an improved light yield and a lasting protection against fading.

Leather cleaner and leather care for professional use

The latest additions to the SONAX range of professional car valeting products are the highly efficient SONAX PROFILINE Leather Cleaner Foam and SONAX PROFILINE Leather Care specially geared to this field of application. The solvent-free Cleaner Foam removes typical dirt in an extraordinarily thorough, gentle and timesaving manner. Afterwards, the easy-to-apply, rich and nicely scented Leather Care durably protects the precious material against fading and embrittlement without making it slick.

Highly active and pleasantly scented: SONAX Clear View 1:100 “Green lemon” windscreen washer concentrate

The windscreen washer concentrate – which is now also available in the USA – yields 6 Gallon of cleaning solution and will be offered in a practical 8.5 fl.oz bottle. In the warm season, it is imperative that the cleaner removes insect residue that may be smeared over the windscreen when the wiper is activated and thus impair visibility. An easy task for the windscreen cleaner thanks to the innovative SONAX technology, saving considerable liquid, shelf space and increasing safety.

Take the chance: learn everything about these and other SONAX innovations – VISIT US AT THE 2015 SEMA SHOW – BOOTH #12161