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29 Oct 2014 13:27

BRABUS and SONAX seal partnership

Brabus and SONAX are two companies that take the concept of “Made in Germany” out into the world, always applying quality levels as high as possible. For decades, the car refiner and small-volume manufacturer from Bottrop, Germany and SONAX have banked on innovation within grown structures – SONAX since 1950, Brabus since 1977.

SONAX has long supported brands and teams in motorsports, and is partner of Infiniti Red Bull Racing in the Formula 1. We develop products that allow all-round care of modern cars: gently and as resource saving as possible the products make cars look as good as new – no matter if they are used on racing tracks or in the “tough” everyday road traffic. Especially the products from the XTREME or PremiumClass portfolios have been developed for top-of-the-range cars – and thus also for the milestones created by Brabus.

The name Brabus stands for a manufacture that, by applying art of engineering and unparalleled craftsmanship, turns premium vehicles into cars in a class of their own. In terms of extravagance, technology and design Brabus always sets standards – no matter if it has to do with supercars such as the 800 E V12 Coupé, 800 Rocket or 850 6.0 Biturbo iBusiness, refined vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz and smart brands or the costly restoration of vintage cares. Customers of the company in Bottrop receive perfection down to the last detail, also extraordinary wishes are fulfilled and exceeded.

Brabus CFO Stefan Hosters explains the collaboration’s objective: “We are absolutely delighted to have been able to officially seal this partnership. Brabus is convinced of the high quality and performance of the SONAX products that we use in workshops, car wash facilities, for valeting restored vehicles or when maintaining customers’ cars. The intensive collaboration will also open up new possibilities for us to be able to react to customer wishes in a more targeted manner. One good example is the SONAX technology for paint restoration and long-term sealing that in the future we will apply even more intensively.”

“We are very pleased to be able to strengthen our co-operation on this basis”, emphasised Franz Fischer, Head of Marketing at SONAX, on signing the co-operation agreement at Brabus in Bottrop. “We are proud to be a partner of a company that for decades has more than lived up to the highest demands of its international customers.” First visible signs of the co-operation will be the “sparkling clean” cars from Brabus. But also in communications – for example for trade fairs – the two companies will follow common paths. They jointly work on the optimum quality and will carry this message to a broad audience. There are synergies for both sides – Brabus can rely on a partner that produces products meeting highest demands. SONAX can use its know-how for the co-operation with one of the world’s leading car refiners and gain valuable experience for advancing its product portfolio.

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After an intensely busy off-season, Infiniti Red Bull’s Racing’s 2015 Formula One car, the RB11, has hit the track and begun testing at the Circuito de Jerez in Spain ahead of the new season.Featuring a striking new test livery, the RB11 features a host of improvements in all areas as the team seeks to improve on its 2014 campaign, when it took the RB10 from a difficult start to second place in the Constructors’ Championship. The most notable shape change to this year’s car is the lower nose box and front of the chassis, which were amended in line with the latest regulations, but beyond that many of the RB11’s updates are under its all–new black and white skin.THE RB11 DESIGNChief Technical Officer Adrian Newey said: “The design of the RB11 has been very much about understanding what we learned from last season, which was a big regulation change as far as the power unit is concerned and the packaging that goes with that and setting about optimising the car from those lessons.”Chief Engineering Officer Rob Marshall added: “There are some changes that affect the shape of the front of the car but beyond that most of the changes are under the skin. We’ve identified the areas where we can make improvements and we’ve worked hard on these. There won’t be a lot that’s visible to the naked eye but a lot of hard work has gone into the bits that are hidden.”A large part of that work has involved improvements to Renault Sport’s Energy F1 power unit, updates that have been made in closer collaboration with the team.“The relationship with Renault is a lot closer now,” says Team Principal Christian Horner of the team’s technical ties with the French manufacturer. “Red Bull is the only partner for Renault now, through ourselves and Toro Rosso, and that focus from Renault together with a close involvement with our design team is yielding good results and a far closer integration between the power unit and the chassis side. Working in unison with Renault we can really make some big steps forward this year.”Newey adds that the process of reducing the deficit the team suffered last year will take time. “We have been working very hard with our partners Renault to help them develop the engine,” he says. “What we have to remember is that the internal combustion engine and its very complicated associated items, the ERS and turbocharger, are long lead time items. Those are things where if one team takes an advantage then it takes time to overthrow that or get back on a par with or hopefully ahead.”THE RB11 BUILDChristian Horner commented: “We’ve been pushing to the limit as usual. We had a very tight timescale for the car to be prepared in time for the first test, but that’s normal in this team. If you’re not on the limit you’re not trying hard enough.”THE DRIVERSThe team’s 2015 challenge will be spearheaded by a new look Red Bull driver line-up, introduced last week at the team’s #OnBoard event, with Daniil Kvyat joining Daniel Ricciardo at the wheel of the RB11. “It’s an exciting and dynamic line-up,” says Christian. “We know the quality of Daniel following his performances last year and in Daniil we have an outstanding talent. The speed, commitment and determination he demonstrated were all the qualities we’re looking for.“We’ve already seen what Daniel is capable of and we firmly believe that Dany has all the same attributes,” he adds. “They’re young, hungry, they’re incredibly quick and I think they are going to push each other very hard throughout the year.”For drivers Ricciardo and Kvyat the brief two-month wait for a return to the cockpit is over and a first taste of the RB11’s potential awaits.“I’m looking forward to driving the RB11 and I’m hanging out to get behind the wheel again. I hope it’s going to be a beast. We’ll soon find out,” says Daniel.“There was plenty of pressure on me last year to prove myself in a top team and I think everyone knows now what I’m capable of so I’m excited – excited to build on what we achieved in 2014 and ready to give Mercedes a good fight.”“It’s going to be very exciting to drive an Infiniti Red Bull Racing car for the first time for me,” adds Daniil. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for me and I’m really looking forward to finally getting into the car. It’s going to be cool.“Though many people in the team know me quite well, there is still the challenge of entering a new team for myself. However, I haven’t really set any targets for 2015. I just want to keep doing the best job possible with hard work and the right attitude and that’s the best thing I can do.”On joining forces with Daniel for 2015, Kvyat added: “Me and Daniel have known each other for quite a long time, about five or six years from when I entered the Red Bull Junior Team. We have a good relationship and I hope to have a strong relationship based on healthy competition, which will push the team forward.”THE TECHNICAL TEAMThe change in driver line-up behind the wheel has to a lesser degree also been mirrored in the team’s technical department. While Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey is still very much involved with the team, he divides his time between the team and Red Bull’s new Advanced Technologies division, a new technical group has been put in place to take the team forward.“In anticipation of [Adrian’s dual role] we created a senior technology team, led by Rob Marshall, which is assuming some of the day-to-day responsibilities that Adrian previously held,” explains Horner.“However, Adrian still performs a very active role within that team and contributes on a daily and weekly basis.”The Chief Technical Officer was still deeply involved in the conception of the RB11. “Although I’ve been slightly less hands on than previously, I was still very much involved in the layout of the car, the package, and really trying to eke every bit of performance out of it we can do, but very much working with the engineering team” says Newey.That engineering team is headed by Rob Marshall, who previously held the post of Chief Designer. He now steps up to become Chief Engineering Officer. The group also features Head of Aerodynamics Dan Fallows, Chief Engineer, Car Engineering Paul Monaghan and Chief Engineer, Performance Engineering Pierre Waché.Head of Aerodynamics Dan Fallows says: “Adrian has changed his role slightly and we’re now at the stage where we can be more self-sufficient. However, Adrian is still heavily involved. The reason the transition has been so good is that we’re all used to working the way Adrian works and we follow his philosophy. Therefore, when he does have an input into our discussions it feels very natural.”Newey adds “I’m stepping back a bit, getting involved in other things, so that Formula One isn’t my sole focus. I will still be going to races and I will certainly be at the first race and at the pre-season tests, overseeing, guiding and mentoring and still trying to come up with some ideas of my own as well.”The RB11 is the first product of this new process, with Newey heavily involved in the project, which has ultimately been delivered under the stewardship of the new technical group.Christian concludes: “Our target is simple: to close down the gap to Mercedes yet further,” says Horner.“We were the only team other than Mercedes to win a grand prix in 2014 and we won three with Daniel Ricciardo. Our target is to close the gap down and put Mercedes under as much pressure as we possibly can. We know what we’re aiming at, we know what we need to achieve and I believe that with the RB11, with the drivers we have and with the new structures put in place we should be able to do that.” more
It seems confusing to many motorists, when a winter windscreen cleaner claims to provide freeze protection at minus 60 degrees. In our latitudes it is a rare occurrence to see the thermometer standing at -20 degrees Celsius. Such freeze protection figures are therefore, misleading. Incidentally, these cleaners would be so viscous, even at -40 degrees Celsius, that they could hardly be conveyed through the windscreen washer system. more
Together with the Auto Club Europa (ACE), the Society for Technical Inspection (GTÜ) compared ten windscreen cleaners for the winter – five concentrates and five ready-to-use mixtures. Test winner was SONAX Antifreeze & clear view concentrate achieving the overall rating “highly recommended”.Other products had to accept considerable deductions of points. Particularly among the five “conditionally recommended” windscreen cleaners the testers found fault with the inferior cleaning performance, odour nuisances and some misleading statements on the frost protection. The cleaners were tested under winter conditions in the temperature-controlled test stand.SONAX Antifreeze & clear view performed best in removing the mixture of soot, silicone oil and anionic surfactants: two wipe cycles with five washer activations each were enough for the SONAX product to clean the windscreen. The worst competitive products could not complete this task with as many as ten cycles, which also has an impact on the costs per cleaning process: with nineteen cents Sonax is ahead of all competitors although not being among the cheapest products when looking at the price per litre.The GTÜ experts also criticized some of the instructions: particularly the application area details given on the concentrates up to minus sixty degrees Celsius suggested that they could be used undiluted. But this is not recommended as the concentrates can only remove dirt on the windscreen without leaving residue or streaks when mixed with water. The product’s cleaning power is much more important than the maximum frost protection and should be geared to temperatures around freezing point – i.e. from plus ten to minus ten degrees Celsius. For extremely cold weather, the test winner’s mixing chart includes dosages to achieve frost protection of up to minus thirty degrees Celsius. Test table and additional information: more
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Make way for the SONAX car care trends 2015

With appearances at the SEMA Show  (04. – 07. 11.) as well as the Essen Motor Show (27.11.  –  10.12.) SONAX is setting the stage for car care trends in 2015. Introduced for the first time are innovations long awaited by car fans, such as a solution for maintaining and sealing vehicles covered with matt and glossy foils. more
Care Tips / 1 Nov 2014

Wheel protection with durable effect

In many maintenance guides for alloy wheels a sealant is recommended for maintaining the value and to simplify the cleaning. The care tip from expert Richard Hanauer is the SONAX XTREME Wheel rim coating: „The easy to use spray from the SONAX XTREME series, in the latest generation based on a further developed hybrid formula, which offers distinct advantages over conventional processes. more
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SONAX to Exhibit at 2014 SEMA Show

SONAX will be exhibiting at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas on November 4-7 in Booth #12469 North Hall. SONAX has distribution channels in over 100 countries. More than 15 different country representatives (e.g. Japan, Denmark, Peru, Singapore, etc.) will be present at the SONAX booth. more
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Launch of SONAX Cambodia

The SONAX brand is present in merely the half of all countries of the world – and from now on in Cambodia as well. Our Cambodian importer Tan Brothers Auto celebrated the launch of SONAX with an official ceremony in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. 250 people were invited and also the press and TV were present. Area Sales Manager Werner Hofmann, who will be in charge of Cambodia in the future, held a short speech on this occasion and handed over the official certificate to Sokea Tan, president of Tan Brothers Auto. At the event there was also a typical Cambodian dance show, moreover, some of our car care products were demonstrated. We really appreciate Tan Brothers Auto as “addition to our family” and wish them all the best with SONAX car care! more
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Perfection in every detail

When it comes to perfect paintwork care results, a detailer is an absolute must for the crowning achievement. SONAX expert Richard Hanauer explains what’s so special about it. „As the name suggests, it’s all about the details. more
To celebrate the 111st anniversary of Hoffmann Mineral and to inaugurate the newly built production hall “Gereute 1” SONAX and Hoffmann Mineral (both part of the Hoffmann Group) arranged a big party with almost 1,500 guests.At the beginning president Manfred Hoffmann held a short speech and emphasized that the new hall was not only a signal for the production to continue to be located in Germay but also for all 400 jobs to be secured now and in the future. The Bavarian minister president, Horst Seehofer, who was present as well, shared these thoughts and was proud to announce that the Hoffmann group was even older than the CSU political party.After the official part of the party it was possible to peek into the new hall or ride on a bus to the siliceous earth extraction site. Moreover, there were two clowns around and a music band for not only speeches but much fun and entertainment. more
With the commissioning of a new building complex for the expansion of the production and warehouse capacities, SONAX is pressing ahead with its expansion activities on the own premises. For the expansion we invested an amount reaching into the tens of millions.  more