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Biological balance for your car wash

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Domestic hot water systems at car washes are exposed to high loads. Contamination on vehicles and operating materials quickly cause the water quality to lose its biological balance. The consequences are directly noticeable for you and your customers. Cloudy wash water reduces the cleaning performance and foul odors make for an unpleasant washing experience. Thanks to our specially developed SYMBIOTIC, this can be prevented or even eliminated quickly and easily. Special microorganisms clean the process water of dirt particles, residues and old dirt films. Through continuous addition, we ensure a perfect biological balance in the wash water and in the entire system. Mucilaginous soiling is reduced, pipes and pumps remain clean and functional and bad odors are prevented before they even start to develop.

Clean water thanks to microbiology - SYMBIOTIK

Active Depot SYMBIOTIK

Productpackshot canister Active Depot SYMBIOTIK
  • Highly concentrated microorganisms dissolved in suspension
  • Creates a biological balance and reduces odor formation in the long term
  • Reduces the discolouration of the process water and the associated contamination of the plant caused by the process water
  • Provides a more pleasant working environment and gives the car wash customer a feeling of cleanliness


Productpackshots canister Foam+ SYMBIOTIK
  • Strong dirt-dissolving, alkaline active foam cleaner with microorganism
  • Maintains the perfect biological balance in recycled water 
  • Optimal preparation for the main wash
  • Can also be used as a foam shampoo and insect remover
  • Sulphate-free, to reduce putrefactive odours in the service water system
  • With pleasantly fresh feel-good scent 

More fragrance and cleaning power: Further foam novelties

Foam Spring Blossom

Productpackshots canister Foam Spring Blossom
  • Creates an intensive foam in the pre-wash
  • Economical consumption for particularly economical use
  • For a pleasant fragrance of fresh laundry

Foam X

Productpackshots canister Foam X
  • Strongly dirt dissolving and very economical
  • Thanks to the non-ionic-amphoteric surfactant base, little clogging of the foam units
  • Sulphate-free, to reduce unpleasant odors
  • With intensive energy scent

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