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Ceramic sealants and car care trends 2021

Sealing rethought - XTREME Ceramic Series

With the new Ceramic Series, we are taking paint sealing to the next level of evolution. The innovative Si-Carbon Technology ensures new quality standards and surpasses all previous long-term sealants. The interaction of organic and inorganic chemistry creates a resistant barrier that protects the paintwork from damaging weather and environmental influences. At the same time, it provides a soft and smooth surface with a long-lasting shine. To offer you the ideal solution for every application, we have developed three products that carry the new ceramic DNA - Spray Coating, Ultra Slick Detailer and Active Shampoo. 

XTREME Ceramic Spray Coating 

Productpackshot XTREME Ceramic Spray Coating
  • Long term sealing with Si-Carbon-Technology
  • Protects the paint for up to 4 months
  • The Si-Carbon-Technology provides a velvety soft surface
  • The paint shines in a durable and mirror-like shine without extensive polishing
  • Protects the treated surface from dirt, insects and road salt
  • Leaves a permanent roll-off effect
  • With easy-to-clean effect: vehicle washing is simplified
  • Refreshes existing ceramic sealants

XTREME Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer

Productpackshot XTREME Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer
  • Simple and super fast to use
  • Refreshes existing ceramic sealants
  • Ensures extreme smoothness of the paint in no time at all and lets it shine in a mirror-like high gloss
  • Slight superficial soiling such as dust, fingerprints, etc. can be removed quickly and without streaking
  • Leaves a roll-off effect
  • Suitable for all completely or partially film-laminated vehicles and surfaces

XTREME Ceramic Active Shampoo

Productpackshot XTREME Ceramic Active Shampoo
  • Care shampoo with sealing effect
  • The perfect care also for vehicles with ceramic sealants
  • For thorough cleaning and long-lasting, water- and dirt-repellent preservation
  • Restores the original deep shine of the paintwork

More foam and shine - XTREME car shampoo novelties

XTREME Foam + Seal

Productpackshot XTREME Foam + Seal
  • Stain-dissolving shampoo for gentle and effective car washing
  • Provides mirror-like shine and impressive beading effect
  • Specially developed for use in a foam lance / foam gun (high-pressure cleaner) and with the Foamsprayer
  • Creates a water and dirt repellent preservation
  • With drying formula - accelerates the drying of the vehicle


XTREME Richfoam Shampoo 

Productpackshot XTREME Richfoam Shampoo
  • Foam shampoo with powerful dirt solution and fruity berry scent
  • Rich active foam formula for a dense, long-lasting and intensely dirt-removing foam carpet
  • Mild and gentle pH-neutral formula: ideal for all waxed and sealed surfaces
  • Suitable for use with a foam lance / foam gun (high pressure cleaner), with the Foamsprayer and also for hand washing as a shampoo

No chance for brake dust and salt

XTREME Protective Wheel Rim Sealant

Productpackshot XTREME Protective Wheel Rim Sealant
  • Effective protective barrier against brake dust, dirt and salt
  • Reduces the adhesion of dirt
  • The subsequent rim cleaning is made considerably easier by the easy-to-clean effect
  • Leaves a pearling effect of up to 6 weeks
  • Suitable for all rim types
  • Easy to use: Spray on - let it dry - ready!

Easy paint cleaning with top quality


Product Packshot Clay
  • Plasticine filled with abrasive
  • Top quality product from Japan
  • Highly effective and yet scratch-free
  • Handy user-friendly size
  • Dimensionally stable and does not stick

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