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New Products 2021

PROFILINE innovations 2021

Long term sealings with convenience factor - PROFILINE Coatings

PROFILINE Hybridcoating CC ONE

Hybrid network of different organic and inorganic polymers with Si-Carbon Technology

Packshot PROFILINE Hybridcoating CC One
  • Paint protection up to 15 months
  • For professional detailers as well as Prosumer+
  • Convenience product: apply, wipe off, ready!
  • Extreme gloss and high smoothness
  • Quantity sufficient for two vehicles


PROFILINE Ceramic Spraycoating 

Packshot PROFILINE Ceramic Spray Coating
  • Paint protection up to 4 months
  • Protects the treated surface from dirt, insects and road salt
  • The paint shines in a durable and mirror-like gloss without extensive polishing
  • With easy-to-clean effect: Car washing is simplified
  • Refreshes existing ceramic sealants

Simple and super fast paint care

PROFILINE Quick Detailer

Packshot Quick Detailer
  • Provides extreme smoothness of the paint in no time at all and lets it shine in a mirror-like high gloss
  • Slight superficial soiling such as dust, fingerprints, etc. can be removed quickly and without streaks
  • Leaves a roll-off effect
  • Suitable for all completely or partially film-bonded vehicles and surfaces

Remove unpleasant odors easily

PROFILINE Air Conditioning Cleaner

Packshot SONAX air conditioner cleaner
  • Cleans the air conditioning system and thus eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Professional product for multiple applications with spray probe
  • For workshops or skilled craftsmen
  • High efficiency because of direct treatment of the evaporator
  • With symbiotic ingredients

Rim cleaning on a new level


Packshot PROFILINE Wheel Rim Cleaner RED MAX
  • Highly effective and fast
  • Intense color change
  • With pH skin neutral formula
  • For all steel and light alloy rims + painted, chrome-plated, polished and matt rims

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