SONAX ProfiLine Glass Polish

Glass polish for removing slight scratches, dull and eroded spots from vehicle windscreens and side windows made from real glass. Chemical-mechanical polishing with Cerocid. Silicone-free.

Special product for cleaning and maintaining car interior fittings, car seats, motorbike leathers, furniture and other components made from smooth leather.
The innovative gel formula, containing silicone, maintains the rubber and protects it against cracking and bleaching out of colour.
Innovative paintwork finishing polish for a 1 step polishing of sanded down, localised paintwork damage such as dust occlusion or paint runs.
Cleans and maintans plastic surfaces in vehicle interiors. Especially suitable for vehicle with matt structured fittings.
Provides a depp shine and long-lasting protection for all new and freshly polished standard, metallic and scratch resistant paints.
Innovative polish with intense abrasive effect for quickly eradication defective spots.
Provides long-lasting and highly effective protction against hostile enviromental hazards.
Medium abrasive, silicone-free polish for weathered and scratched paints.
Polish for weathered and scratched paintwork.
Polish for weathered and scratched paintwork.