SONAX ProfiLine Nano Abrasive Polish & Finish

Medium abrasive, silicone-free polish for weathered and scratched paints. Repairs defects from spray paint works (dust inclusions, spray paint mist, sanding marks). High abrasive effect through nano-sized polishing granules that resolve into fine particles during polishing and, thus, achieve an intensive shine effect. This allows a one-level polishing cycle without additional finishing for many colour types.

Innovative paintwork finishing polish for a 1 step polishing of sanded down, localised paintwork damage such as dust occlusion or paint runs.
Cleans and maintans plastic surfaces in vehicle interiors. Especially suitable for vehicle with matt structured fittings.
Provides a depp shine and long-lasting protection for all new and freshly polished standard, metallic and scratch resistant paints.
Innovative polish with intense abrasive effect for quickly eradication defective spots.
Provides long-lasting and highly effective protction against hostile enviromental hazards.
Polish for weathered and scratched paintwork.
Polish for weathered and scratched paintwork.
Fine nano polishing agents gently return the shine to new and slightly weathered paintwork.
Polish for weathered and scratched paintwork.
Highly economical care gel for all unpainted exterior plastic components.