Sustainability at SONAX

As a leading producer of cleaning and care products to retain the value of vehicle surfaces, we want to make an active contribution to global (environmental) problems in those fields where we exert influence and hold responsibility. In this, we distribute our financial means in such a way that our investments fulfil the needs of today without putting at risk the resources of future generations.

We have been engaged since 2005 in environmental management system certification to the international standard ISO 14001. This has given rise to company goals and programmes to avoid and reduce waste water and protect against ground contamination, air pollution and noise pollution.

Through membership in the “Responsible Care” initiative, we take on further obligations beyond the legal requirements to strive towards continuous improvement in the fields of the environment, health and safety.

Product portfolio


SONAX Produktflaschen aus recyceltem Plastik
  • Use of recyclable containers and packaging
  • Gradual transition from plastic to cardboard packaging
  • Use of containers made with recycled materials
  • Reduction of plastic packaging in favour of paper
  • Improving our carbon footprint through the use of concentrates


SONAX Labor mit nachhaltigem Produkt
  • Preferred use of solvents and oils (approx. 90 % of the total) based on sustainable raw materials
  • Already 25 % of tensides used are based on sustainable raw materials
  • Around 50 % of chelating agents (incl. phosphates) on a natural basis
  • Avoidance of substances harmful to health and the environment

Health and safety

Schutz der Mitarbeiter in der SONAX Produktion vor Lärm
  • Reference companies with awards for operational health and safety management from the raw materials and chemicals liability insurer
  • Trained specialists in the fields of occupational health and safety and occupational medicine
  • Permanent risk evaluation to protect against dangers to health and the environment
  • Stopping sales of products if required
  • Constant evaluation and further development of the safety level of production processes and occupational safety


Energiesparen in der Herstellung durch genaueste Einstellungen
  • Permanent further development of production processes under the company's environmental goals
  • Reduced energy consumption through the use of modern production plants (e.g. cold mixing plants for polishes)
  • Reduction of water consumption thanks to our own water treatment plants
  • Own energy generation and use of waste heat in our cogeneration plant
  • Energy-saving lighting
  • Minimisation of waste through selective reuse of raw materials used

Supply chains

Enge Zusammenarbeit und Kommunikation mit SONAX Partnern in der Lieferkette
  • Systematic evaluation of our supply partners with relation to their sustainability-related activities
  • Taking on the obligation to comply with ecological, ethical and social goals within the framework of a Code of Conduct
  • Development of sustainable solutions in active dialogue with selected partners

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