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You love your car? So do we. Thanks to our passion for cars, SONAX is the worldwide product specialist for the surface care and cleaning of vehicles and machines. From the manual wash for those loving the details to automated carwash, from spectacular racing and craftsmanship to agriculture and bicycle care—we stand for optical and functional durability. And for premium quality. This is how we make your passion shine.

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Car care

For you, your car is much more than just an object. It is hobby, a piece of sports equipment, passion and first love. And you expect top performance and make no compromises when it comes to car care. From a mirror finish to a perfect view, from winter protection to that certain something for your beloved classic car - we have the right care products that exactly meet your requirements.


You want professional car valeting? Ready for a glossy photo shoot or the showroom? Your car will look better than ever before - thanks to our products and detailing techniques. Our portfolio, ranging from engine cleaner and polish to paintwork finish and sealant with spectacular ceramic coating, will bring your car into the shape of its life.


Pollution, corrosion and wear are a nightmare for every car fan. But they don't have to be. Our additives keep your engine clean, fully functional and extremely reliable - even in winter. Thus, you get your extra dose of power, and the age of your car is only a number.

Commercial vehicles

Larger tasks do not stop us. We rise to them. From tractors or agricultural machinery to buses, trucks or professional equipment—we offer the right products for professional cleaning and care. This not only makes short work of dirt, but also of the biggest tasks.

Car Wash

Our high-quality, high-performance products for automatic and manual washing systems - from portal washing systems to self-service washing stations - integrate sixty years of research and development. You and your customers benefit from the highest standards in terms of environmental compatibility, dosing, cleaning effect and preservation properties. This makes SONAX your neat solution.


Well, for us, it doesn't always have to be an engine. We also take care of perfectly shiny frames, smoothly running chains and sparkling spokes on bicycles and e-bikes. So, your bike tours in any weather will be an undiminished enjoyment - also for the eyes.

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