All-round protection


Your 360-degree protection

Experience all-round protection for your vehicle with innovative Si-carbon technology. Long-term protection, high-gloss finish and easy application for the entire exterior.

Ceramic Tyre+Rim Detailer

A perfect appearance

Give your wheels the gloss they deserve. The Ceramic Tyre+Rim Detailer protects and cares all in one, achieving an impressive beading effect.

Ceramic Plastic Coating

Visible protection. Silky-matt.

Refresh faded plastics: our Ceramic PlasticCoating leaves behind a spotless, soft and silky appearance, while creating an effective protective layer at the same time!

Ceramic Spray Coating

The long lasting protection

Protect your vehicle's paint in a second. The Ceramic SprayCoating is easily applicable. It generates a powerful protective layer and will bring the shine back to your vehicle.

Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer

Gleaming gloss in no time

Experience super-fast paint care and cleanliness. The Ceramic QuickDetailer will give your car’s paint job extreme smoothness. It will remove slight soiling at the same time and refresh the seal!


One step beyond

Polish, smooth and seal in a single step. The Ceramic Polish All-in-One lets your car shine like new – protected, smooth and shining for several months.


Cleaning & care for deep gloss

Did you think that all a car wash does is clean? The Ceramic ActiveShampoo does more, leaving behind an effective layer of protection on the paint.

XTREME Ceramic Series

What the pro says

Matthias Lehr has decades of experience in professional car care. His company, MFP, achieves glowing results. Find out what impresses him about the XTREME Ceramic Series products.

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