Plastic + Rubber

For plastic and rubber

One product, twice the benefit

Looking for a solution that makes detailing easier and increases your efficiency at the same time? CC Plastic+Rubber supports you with that: it can be used to treat both plastics and rubber on the exterior and achieve impressive results. Just imagine how much faster you can coat the car’s unpainted parts if you can work on both materials in one step. And how much more organised your equipment is when you need fewer products. Elevate your detailing to the next level with CC Plastic+Rubber!

Protection and gloss

Velvety-soft elegance

A passion for detailing is a passion for details. And for the details there is CC Plastic+Rubber. It makes the colors of faded plastic and rubber on the exterior shine again. It also acts like a protective shield, preserving the natural beauty of the surfaces and their structure. Tyres and plastic parts are additionally given a velvety-soft appeal. You will see — and love — the difference.

Sustainably protected

An investment in the future

Now imagine you had a coating that lasted through all seasons and many miles of road. That is exactly what CC Plastic+Rubber offers. Lasting up to 24 months or 30,000 kilometres, the product sets new standards in terms of durability. The velvety-soft result and lasting protection perfectly reflect your passion for detailing.

The line-up

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