Vinyl + PPF

Film coating made easy

One product for all films

Why use two different products when one will do? CC Vinyl+PPF is your all-in-one solution for all films — from matt or smooth coloured films to pure paint protection films. This not only keeps your detailing equipment organised, it also means you always have the right coating at hand, no matter if you are working on a glossy or matt film.

Matt or glossy? No matter!

Preserves the character of the film

Of course, you know the worries of every owner of a vehicle wrapped in matt film: What if the car care product ruins the matt effect? CC Vinyl+PPF gives you peace of mind. The product does not change the films’ appearance: matt stays matt and glossy stays glossy. You can rest assured that the car will retain its beloved look after application — except that CC Vinyl+PPF guarantees improved colour depth, a pleasantly soft character, and protection.

For vibrant colours

Colour depth that impresses

CC Vinyl+PPF is your tool for vibrant colours and accurate protection. The product’s flexible structure bonds stably with any film to improve its colour depth — without affecting the degree of gloss. This gives you the best of both worlds: vibrant colours and the desired gloss, day after day.

The line-up

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PROFILINE Ceramic Coating Vinyl+PPF

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