Car paint coatings

Just one step

Single-stage coating for rapid perfection

You know that feeling when every second counts and yet you don’t want to compromise on quality? CC One is the answer to your desire for perfection and speed! This single-stage coating allows you to achieve a perfect finish in a short time. The product is so easy to use that you can completely focus on achieving the perfect result. CC One will increase your efficiency and impress you with the high quality of the coating.

Gloss redefined

Colour intensity and high gloss

Revive the colour of your cars with CC One. This coating enhances the paintwork’s colour, making it an eye-catcher. Reflecting your passion for detailing, the high wet shine almost makes the vehicle look as if it has just come out of the paint shop. For results that catch the eye and keep you hooked.

Simply smooth

Impressive beading

The smooth surface that CC One leaves behind gives water and dirt no chance. Water droplets simply roll off and dirt has difficulty sticking to the surface — an effect that makes car washing a breeze. The extremely smooth surface is captivating and literally lets you feel your passion for detailing.

The line-up

First-class coatings tailored to your needs, to help you do what you are passionate about.
PROFILINE Hybrid Coating CC One
PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC Evo
PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC36

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