Coatings by tradition

For over 70 years, SONAX has been a synonym for top quality and innovation in car care. It is our passion that has also made us a pioneer in long-term ceramic coatings: this journey began in 2006 with the launch of the pioneering product “Nano Paint Protect”. In 2007, the environmentally and user-friendly ceramic coating CC 36 followed, as did the innovative coatings with Si-Carbon technology in 2023. And now two new products complete our first-class range: CC Vinyl+PPF for wrapped cars and CC Plastic+Rubber for plastics and rubber.

Quality based on research

Intensive in-house research is part of our product development process. And this research has innovation and quality as its cornerstones. Each of our coatings is carefully and manually tested on many vehicles and is manufactured locally. We continuously strive for perfection by direct benchmark comparisons. Our unique advantage: a profound understanding of the complex chemistry that is behind high-quality coatings — for products with a reliably high quality that you can see, feel and trust.

Easy ap­pli­ca­tion

The user is at the centre of all SONAX innovations. We understand that our customers’ needs and requirements are the key to outstanding products. Consequently, our products not only offer outstanding performance, they are also designed for optimum user-friendliness — an aspect we pay great attention to in our own research and development. As a result, we can be sure that every product is technically mature, yet also convincing in its application, making everyday life easier for our customers.

The line-up

First-class coatings tailored to your needs, to help you do what you are passionate about.
PROFILINE Hybrid Coating CC One
PROFILINE Ceramic Coating Vinyl+PPF
PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC Plastic+Rubber
PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC Evo
PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC36

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