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The price-performance ratio of the ceramic coating CC Evo is simply unbeatable. It is fantastically easy to handle and the results are great.
Denis JatzenkoGLANZCAR (DE)
I above all use the ceramic coating CC Evo. Application is easy and the results are incredible! The combination of paint smoothness and ease of care make an unbeatable product.
Mario WassermannAutolackaffen Goslar
CC One and CC Evo are outstanding coatings. They are astonishingly easy to apply and offer the highest level of performance.
Ronny DziembaLackaufbereitung Dziemba
I prefer to use the ceramic coating CC Evo. It is just great to see the effect of the sealed vehicle. It's astonishing what such a coating can achieve.
Ariel ThiemelFresh Cars Mannheim
For sealing, I rely on the ceramic coating CC Evo. It is long-lasting and easy to care for. For gloss and beading, it is 10/10 each time!
Mathias SmolSpeedaholics Detailing
My favourites are definitely the CC Evo and CC One ceramic coatings. Their ease of application and outstanding results speak for themselves. But nothing beats the great first impression the customer gets after handover of the vehicle.
Darmawan LiuMega Auto Prima
My absolute favourite is the ceramic coating CC One! It is unique in the way you apply it and with the right care, a single-stage coating is impressively long-lived.
Willi EppertWilli Eppert Detailing
I prefer to work with the CC Evo and CC One ceramic coatings. Both are very long-lived, easy to apply and offer high gloss. And the beading effect is also better than with other coatings.
Hervey Vasquez MorenoDetailing Bros
To date, I have only ever used the CC 36 ceramic coating – with first-class results. SONAX is an outstanding brand that continues to live up to its reputation for high-quality products.
J. Rafael Ruiz Pimentel
PROFILINE Hybrid Coating CC One
PROFILINE Ceramic Coating Vinyl+PPF
PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC Plastic+Rubber
PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC Evo
PROFILINE Ceramic Coating CC36

Partner FAQ

You asked - we answer. Helpful questions from our community.
What is the pH tolerance range for cleaning products and shampoos that I can use on coatings?

It is difficult to make an overall statement about pH tolerance, as the surfactant concentration or quality also play a large role. We always recommend neutral cleaning products that will not attack the coating.

Is it possible to apply a second layer of coating or can you apply several coats to achieve a tougher result?

Layering is not possible, neither is it necessary. The thin coating must remain flexible and invisible on top of the paintwork. In addition, it needs several days to cross-link. At a later date, the seal can, however, be renewed where it receives particularly heavy wear, such as at the front of the vehicle.

Can you use SONAX coatings on foil wrapping?

For wrapped cars there is our product "CC Vinyl+PPF". It is suitable for all films - whether matt, glossy or paint protection film. You can also use it to treat the films on partially wrapped vehicles. For the painted areas, you can simply use one of our paint coatings such as CC One.

Why should I seal a wrapped car?

A car wrap protects your car and gives it an incomparable look. But unfortunately, even films get dirty and light-colored films turn yellow over time. This is where a coating can help and because wrapped cars need special care, we have developed CC Vinyl+PPF. It improves the color of the film, protects it from yellowing and leaves a pleasantly soft surface. In addition, dirt does not adhere as strongly. This makes cleaning wrapped cars easier.

What can I do if the seal is extremely dirty?

For extremely tough soiling, there are special cleaning products such as tree resin or tar removers. It is important to do as little mechanical rubbing as possible when removing the detached residues with a polishing cloth. Care is required when applying insect removers, however! These products place a particularly heavy strain on the coating in the vehicle front, meaning that, depending on the frequency of application, re-sealing may be necessary in these areas.

How can I refresh a ceramic seal?

As the water-repellent properties decline, you can make use of PROFILINE PolymerNetShield as a service. The product protects the paint for up to 6 months. A simpler alternative could be PROFILINE Ceramic SprayCoating or XTREME Ceramic SprayVersiegelung. The most important component in the end will be the type and number of washes. For longer-term durability, we recommend pH-neutral shampoos such as GlanzShampoo or ActiFoam, applied with a sponge, on all our coatings. Please make sure not to use any microfibre products here.

When is a coating considered fully cured and ready for use?

After one week, the functional layers will have fully cured and all chemical reactions will be complete. From that point, the paint layer can be fully relied on, meaning you can wash the car, for example.

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