Environmental Policy

Environment protection begins in the mind. How we conduct ourselves serves as an example both internally and externally. And from our many years experience we have developed a few simple rules, to motivate every employee to attain our objectives.

The SONAX environmental standards.

We want to set things in motion. And not just with our products.

1. Employees

Together we will attain our environmental objectives. That is why we cultivate an intensive and direct dialogue.

2. Further Training and Information

Comprehensive and accurate information, regular training and further education promote our environmental consciousness.

3. Communication

We will answer any questions directed to us openly and honestly. When selecting our supplier we ask from their environmental protection activities.

4. Safety and Environmental Protection

The safety of our facilities and protection of the environment are objectives of equal importance and must not be put aside on grounds of increased productivity.

5. Products

We continually enlarge our knowledge about the environmental compatibility of established and newly developed products, and take appropriate measures.

6. Product Development and Manufacturing Procedures

With new products and manufacturing procedures, environmental protection requirements are taken into consideration in the development and test phases.

7. Resources

We use raw materials and energy economically, thereby protecting the environment.

8. Disposal

We try to avoid waste, to use recyclable materials in a responsible way and dispose of non-recyclable materials properly.

9. Waste Water

By employing suitable technology, we reduce and/or avoid waste water volume and pollution.

10. Soil

We avoid damaging soil pollution on our company premises.

11. Exhaust Air

We ensure that manufacturing processes with low emissions are employed. Exhaust airflows are purified using the latest technology.

12. Noise

To protect employees and neighbours we carefully monitor and curb existing sources of noise.

13. Monitoring

On our own responsibility initiative, we monitor and control plant and processes, as well as air, water, soil, waste and noise.

14. Independent Initiative

For us, protecting the environment is not just a question of laws and regulations. We practise it on our own initiative and responsibility with the aim of a continual improvement.

Neuburg a. d. Donau, 13.07.2022